I love science fiction thrillers, especially shows like “The X Files” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, which were heavy influences on this project. This was my first short to have improvised dialogue, which made for a unique and surprisingly seamless experience, although there was voice over that was recorded verbatim. I changed several story elements through pre-production but never revised the script, instead relying on a shot list I drafted in narrative form.
Even then, several shots from the actual shot list were cut due to time constraints. Some of us thought it would be better to film closer to sunset but I think that was a mistake. We’re currently in post-production as of this writing but I’m confident we have enough coverage for a cohesive story. A mistake I made was not having sufficient up front cash to cover my lead actor, a faux pas that I could have handled better. Other than that, we all had a great time despite a long night and everyone was covered. It’s worth noting that I had a difficult time casting talent willing to be intimate on screen, even for a simple kiss. I was lucky in finding Adam and Aathira. I was relieved when they were willing to carpool down from L.A. and they seemed very comfortable with each other by the time the camera rolled. They didn’t actually kiss on screen but they got close so I’m grateful.
I was very pleased when I found Marisa Serrano, a filmmaker herself and dance choreographer. Didn’t need any real dancing for this but she was willing to cater for the cast and crew in addition to being a production assistant. The entire crew that was pulled by Director of Photography Dan Watt was tremendous, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t do so great covering meals on my last shoot so I was happy Marisa came in. There were a lot of crew members that may or may not have been available to help on set but one person I regret not having there was makeup and hair stylist Emily Van Scoy. We filmed two days after the shooting in Las Vegas and she had friends and family that were at the concert that night so she drove up there. She was okay but from what I understand some of her friends were injured. I don’t know all the details. We did a moment of silence before filming began. As much as I would have liked to have her there that day, it wasn’t meant to be.