Director’s Statement

I believe that life exists on other planets. It’s not difficult for me because I’ve always had this inclination for exploring the unknown, a lot of filmmakers are the same. I grew up a Christian and my mother was raised Catholic but, for me, this has nothing to do with religion; however, some people think there is a co-relation between extraterrestrials and God. I hear all the time about how scientists look for planets in the farthest reaches of the universe that are similar to earth but I think that’s a one-sided approach.
If they’re looking for extraterrestrial life then I think they need to expand their search because there’s so many questions we don’t have answers to. Would extraterrestrials have more advanced technology? Would they need oxygen to survive? How far back does their history go? Does their species evolve? Are their other races and/or life forms like theirs? Would they care about humanity? Do they experience conflicts and times of peace like we do? If they’re looking for planets that could support humanity then I would understand that because there may come a time when earth can no longer support life and that’s where this story falls in line.
You have two characters who are coming to terms with the fact that extraterrestrials do exist. It’s not a possibility, it’s a fact. The earth isn’t dying necessarily, it’s reaching a point where it can no longer support mankind and we need help evacuating to another planet. Not everyone would want to leave and I think it’s important to understand that. After all, we were born here, raised here, and this is all we’ve ever known. But then you have to ask yourself would you be willing to start a new life on another planet if it meant living in an artificial environment like a dome?