Daniel Duane


Director’s Biography

I’m a filmmaker born in El Centro, raised in Escondido. Those of you local to San Diego know where those places are. My creative venture started with writing, which led to screenwriting, which has led me to this point. I have been exposed to numerous roles in the production process with formal training from the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA, where I learned the basics of filmmaking and the value of collaborating with like-minded artists who share my passion. I’ve also been a background actor and production assistant on television and film, and an apprentice under mentor and producer Daniel Sollinger, who I met through the Film Connection program.

After writing several screenplays, getting constructive feedback, and getting nowhere with script contests, I decided to produce and direct my own stories. Some will tell you that you need to go to school for filmmaking whether its narrative or documentary or animation, but there are pros and cons to this, mostly cons, namely tuition.

You can learn all the following on your own: The different kinds of professional camera equipment and their function, the process of acquiring film permits and insurance for locations, write in narrative and fictional form with screenplay software, and learn the job description for each person on set. This does not have to cost as much as it would take to earn a Bachelor’s. Pick up a camera and start filming. It’s a cliche I take to heart because that’s how I started. Now I endeavor to shoot my first feature.

I invite you to follow me on my journey. If you do, I will follow you on yours. Catch the latest news on my films and Like this page. I promise I will Like you back.


Being a filmmaker is both a passion and responsibility I take seriously. A passion is something you dream about and love whether you get paid or not. You make time for it. A responsibility is an obligation you’ve made to others and must be a priority. I make time for this because I want to and once I’ve committed, it’s my obligation to see it through because others are depending on me. It’s about trust, leadership, and your word.

Here you will find images and words from several sources for multiple film projects, perhaps even video. The world is filled with stories, the camera provides the tools to document it, and the moving image is the time capsule that remembers it. Here’s to an industry that will never stop inspiring.