The estate used as the film location in Valley Center, CA has hosted several parties but “Work From Home” was the first motion picture production to film there. I scouted it on my own by running an online ad and got very lucky when Tom Koretke responded. He rents out his estate on a regular basis and he’s open to having more production companies use his property. Check out
Rather than audition actresses through an open call process, I screened every potential lead through their demo reel online. Christina Carabajal was hand-picked widely due to her manic pace and quick wit, traits I thought were needed for the con artist character. She was the first actress considered to play the role of Ashley and her dual personality but was nearly replaced when principal photography became delayed due to scheduling conflicts. Several alternates were considered, but also dropped out. Christina became available just by coincidence by the time the camera was ready to roll. The shoot was completed in one day.